SSPP in the Past


SSPP, 2nd Grade, 1939

SSPP 1976-1977 – 4th Grade, Mrs. Vincent

Front row (L to R): Robert Bucholtz, Matthew Johnson, Claire Radice, Lisa Shaw, Margaret Barton,   ?
Back Row (L to R): Michael Walser, Rocco Dipietro, Celine Conway, Kelsey Granville, Brigitte Wilcox, Chris Johnson, Mary Ann Scherer

Many thanks to Margaret Barton for helping to identifying many individuals in this photo. 


SSPP 1980-1981 – 1st Grade, Mrs. Moch

 Front row (R to L): Katie Goss and Judy (Pelligrino?)
Second (R to L): Beth Helmbrecht, Sarah Gillen, Suzie Swiergos, John Jemiolo, Raymond Kelsey, and Mrs. Moch
Last row (R to L) : Tiffany Szymanek, Maura Galante, John (Safford?), Chris Overcamp, Erica Auld, Paul (Obie) Wittenbrink, and Joe Ketterer

Many thanks to Raymond Kelsey for helping to identifying everyone in this photo. 

SSPP Basketball

 Back row from left to right: #45 R.J. Szymanek, #23 Arthur Lewicki,#15 Juan Gonzalez, #32 Grant Szymanek, #24 Dan Oliveri, #33 Ryan Szymanek

Middle row from left to right: #22 J.P Armitage, #31 Jeff Malucci,  Keith Backstrom(# can’t be seen), #13 John Henninger, #14 Dave Garrison

Bottom row from left to right:  Mark Rebadow, Jason Malucci, and Danny Primo

Many thanks to Dave Garrison for identifying everyone in this photo. 

The Class of 1975