Santa’s Secret Shop Shopping List Form

Santa's Secret Shop Shopping List

Important Reminder: After you have submitted your child's "SHOPPPING LIST", please complete the payment process. If you are paying with a credit card, use the "PAYMENT" link on the "Santa's Secret Shop" page. If you are paying with cash or check, please send it in to school in an envelope labelled "Santa's Secret Shop" with your child's name and homeroom. The total payment amount should correspond to the number of names/gifts on your student's shopping list.
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Please fill out the name, age and relationship sections. The "+" will allow you to add people to the list.
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Please select your preferred payment method and return to the "Santa's Secret Shop" page to process your online credit card payment by using the RED PAYMENT BUTTON. If you prefer cash or check for your payment, please send it in an envelope marked "Santa's Secret Shop" with you child's name and homeroom.