Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not necessary for you to be Catholic. We have children of many different faiths attending our school, including Hindu, Jewish, Baptist, non-denominational, and others. All students participate in Religion classes and Masses, and families of non-Catholic students take these opportunities to learn about a faith different than their own without feeling that they have to subscribe to our beliefs.Sample Description
Some private school tuitions are pricey, but Catholic school tuition fees are reasonable. In addition, if you are an active member of Ss. Peter and Paul Parish or of a different parish that does not have a school, then you are eligible for Parishioner Tuition rates.
Yes, the BISON Fund provides up to $1,900 per student to help with tuition. This aid is based on household income and is granted through a lottery system every Spring. Once your family has been granted this aid, you will continue to do so for the entire years of schooling as long as you meet the income guidelines.
Bussing is provided by the public school district in which you reside (except for the City of Buffalo and the City of Tonawanda) within a 15 mile radius by registering through your school district by April 1st.
The Williamsville Central School District provides a nurse and /or health aide for 4 ½ days each week. We have a volunteer nurse who provides health services on the 5th day.
All of our teachers are certified and most have advanced degrees as well. They also continue to pursue Professional Development each year.
Although our overall resources are more limited than the public schools, we manage to use our dollars wisely. We are highly advanced with technology; in fact, nearly every classroom has a projector and interactive whiteboard. We have classroom sets of Chromebooks and Bak tablets and a fully operational Computer Lab with a full time Computer teacher. We offer cross-curricular Project Based Learning activities, STREAM after school Academies, educational field trips, and much more. Our Library is fully shelved, and we offer classes to all students in Art, Music, Computers, Library, and PE. We also offer Foreign Language to all students from grades PK-8 and the opportunity to participate in our growing musical instrument instruction program.
We offer a variety of sports. Students can participate in Swimming from grades K-8, Cross Country from grades 2-8, JV and Varsity Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Boys and Girls Volleyball and Boys and Girls Basketball and outdoor Soccer for grades 1-8. Anyone who would like to play/try a sport may do so. It’s a great way for students to try out different opportunities. Our SSPP Knights have won quite a few championships and have trophies and banners to prove it!
Yes, we do. Our lunch program is provided by Personal Touch Food Services. They offer a variety of tasty, nutritious menu choices each day.
Yes, we can! We have a Special Education Director on staff as well as a Title I teacher. Students work with teachers in our designated Learning Center which is full of numerous resources and teachers also “push into” classrooms to provide support services for students who need it during whole class instruction.
Yes, the various therapists from the Williamsville Central School District provide on-site regular visitations.
We offer accelerated learning experiences within the self-contained classrooms. Once the students reach Middle School, they will have the opportunity to participate in our Honors Program which includes Honors Social Studies and Literature, as well as Regents Algebra and Living Environment.
The STREAM initiative focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to learning by bridging all subjects. Our school provides relevant, experiential, hands-on learning experiences through field trips and Project Based Learning opportunities. This also includes extracurricular programs through our STREAM Academy courses.