Middle School (5th – 8th Grade)

Ss. Peter and Paul School offers advanced placement in Mathematics in grades 5-8, with the opportunity for qualified students to take Regents Integrated Algebra in their 8th grade year. Several students each year in grades 5-8 are nominated for and participate in the University of Buffalo’s Gifted Math Program.

  • Honors Literature is offered in the 8th grade.
  • Honors Social Studies is offered in the 8th grade.
  • Regents Living Environment offered to qualified students in the 8th grade.
  • Computer education is emphasized as a part of the daily curriculum and taught as a separate subject in the computer lab which contains 26 computers and a server. Each classroom has 1-2 computers. There is internet access throughout the school including wireless access and students are always supervised when using the Internet. The classrooms throughout the school have interactive whiteboard technologies.  Students in grades 6-8 are assigned a Chromebook.





  • Spanish instruction is continued in grades 5 & 6.
  • Latin is taught in grades 7 & 8.
  • Students receive weekly instruction in art, physical education, music, library, and technology.
  • Enrichment occurs by means of assemblies, plays, field trips and musical programs.
  • Remediation is offered during regular class time and at scheduled times in the Learning Center.
  • Religion class provides the students with opportunities to become people of faith, witnesses of the gospel, proclaimers of the message, sharers in the fellowship of the Spirit and servants of the community. Each class attends liturgy once a week during the school year on most Wednesdays at 8:00 am. On holy days and other special events, the day of the week that the students attend Mass may change.
  • Daily prayer includes morning and afternoon prayers as part of each school day’s opening and closing exercises.
  • Once a month, a full school prayer service, conducted by designated classes, is held. Parents are very welcome to attend these paraliturgies prepared by individual grade levels.