A Typical Day in Kindergarten at Ss. Peter and Paul School

Morning Routine

Pledge of Allegiance

Circle Time



Important News



Students participating in circle time.

Focus on language arts and mathematics. 

Use of whole group and small groups are used.

Religion, Science, and Social Studies are all taught daily in various methods

Students receive “Specials” classes weekly: Art, Physical Education, Computers, Library, Music, Spanish

Lunch is served in our cafeteria. Students bring in their lunch from home. 

Recess is also a part of the day. You will frequently find us outside on our playground. The children are encouraged to play freely with their classmates. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop friendships and social skills.


Our day ends with a prayer. We pack up our things and get ready to go home. Many children attend our After School Program. Child care is available until 5:30 pm.



Seatwork and hands-on activities are spaced throughout the day in an age-appropriate manner.

The kindergarten experience is filled with special activities throughout the year:

  • The class prepares a Paraliturgy; a play performed for the entire school that teaches a religious lesson.
  • Each month a “Student of the Month” is chosen. This student is rewarded for his or her outstanding effort with a special Jeans Day.
  • Field trips (Virtual in current climate) are also scheduled to enhance learning.
  • Additionally, they perform a service project for the community. In the past, we have visited a nursing home and collected food for an animal shelter.
  • The class attends Mass as Fr. Matt leads our school in prayer each Wednesday morning. Many parents join us for this lovely service. We have a children’s choir complete with violins, bells and flutes.
  • Other school sponsored events include a Halloween Activities, a spectacular Father-Daughter Dance, and Mother-Son Event.
  • The year ends with an unforgettable graduation ceremony.


Our 3rd grade students enjoy spending time with their kindergarten reading buddies.