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Date(s) - 11/10/2016
12:00 am


Thursday SS quiz on Ch. 12 Sec 1; not open-book; There will also be questions from page 372 (1-2) but we have not done these yet.

Chapter 12: Section 1-Early Civilizations of Middle America

Key Terms: Memorize terms

  1. Hieroglyphics: a system of writing using signs and symbols
  2. Maize: Corn; we still eat corn and many of their vegetable today
  3. Tenochtitlan: capital city of the Aztec empire, located where Mexico City now stands

Latin America: Shaped by Its History

Civilization: Mayan

Location: Central America and southern Mexico; Valley of Mexico, Peak Years: AD 300-900 (Middle America)

Main Cities: Copan and Tikal

Main Achievements: built pyramids; studied stars and planets; designed an accurate calendar; developed hieroglyphics and a number system

Pok-ta-tok: like our basketball game; game played by ancient Mayas.

Math: Developed the concept of Zero; this is important because it is a symbol that shows that there is none of something; place-value.

Mayan cities began to decline but no one knows why. It could have been crop failures, war, disease, drought, or famine.

Mayas stayed in the region and still live in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.


Civilization: Aztec

Location: Valley of Mexico, Lake Texcoco (Middle America)

Peak Years: AD 1400-early 1500s

Main City: Tenochtitlan

Main Achievements: developed hieroglyphics and medicines; predicted eclipses and the movements of planets; designed jewelry, and fine crafts;

Most of the people in the Aztec empire were farmers.

Priests were not only religious leaders, but they were very important to society. They wore feather garments and fans as symbols of their status. They also lived in splendid palaces and had servants and slaves.

Aztec farming: They had floating gardens called chinampas; they also used this are for farming.

Aztec Medicine: Their doctors used plants to make more than 1,000 medicines from plants.

Trade was very important. Traders would travel long distance in safety because of their strong army.

Aztec Empire were conquered by explorers from Spain.