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Date(s) - 31/05/2016 - 01/06/2016
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Chapter 12 Section 3 quiz tomorrow; make sure that you study; the key terms need to be memorized!

Study guide for Chapter 12: Section 3

  1. Columbus: Italian explorer sailing for Spain who landed in the West Indies in 1492
  2. Conquistador: one of the conquerors who claimed and ruled land in the Americas for the Spanish government in the 1500s
  3. Pizzarro: conquistador who conquered the Incas
  4. Mestizo: a person of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry
  5. Hacienda: a large farm or plantation
  6. The line of Demarcation showed where Portugal and Spain could settle and trade.
  7. The Spanish explores hope to find gold in Latin America.
  8. The relationship between Spain and Portugal in the 1400s was strained because they tried to stop each other from claiming land.
  9. The conquistadors were able to defeat the two most powerful empires in the Americas so quickly because the Spanish brought diseases and had superior weapons.
  10. After the Spanish conquest, many Native Americans died from overwork, malnutrition, and disease.