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Date(s) - 20/10/2016
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Lesson 3: Baptism

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  1. Original sin: sin that members of the human race are born with and from which Baptism frees us
  2. Conversion: turning from sin to new life in Christ
  3. RCIA: (Rite of the Christian Initiation of Adults) a program by which adults learn to live the Catholic faith and are initiated into the Church
  4. Catechumen: A person in the RCIA program who is preparing for Baptism
  5. Christening: Another word for Baptism
  6. Anoint: to sign with blessed oil (The rubbing with oil blessed by the bishop is called the anointing)
  7. Sacramental: words, actions, or objects blessed by the Church that brings us closer to God

***Baptism makes us 1.) Children of God; 2. )Members of the Church, and 3.) Christians.

Two objects given to baptized people as signs of their new life and faith are 1.) White garment and 2.) A lighted candle.

Baptism has power to cleanse us from all sin.

The sign baptized Catholics use to show they belong to Christ is the Sign of the Cross.

The first time we receive a share in God’s own life is at Baptism

The sacramental that reminds us to die to sin and rise to new life is water.

Review questions:

Liturgy: Liturgy is the public worship of the Church

Jesus worshiped the Father through prayer, loving service, and sacrifice.

HOW: We worship God through prayer, loving service, and sacrifice.

WHY:  We worship God because his is great, good, and because we belong to him.