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Date(s) - 20/09/2016
All Day


Lesson 1: We are a Worshipping people


  1. Worship: honor and praise given to God.
  2. Synagogue: a Jewish building that is a center of prayer
  3. Alleluia: acclamation meaning “praise God”
  4. Martyr: someone who witnesses to Jesus through suffering and death
  5. Idol: a false god
  6. Sacrifices, or gifts, in worship: their possessions, their animals, and sometimes even their lives

God revealed himself to the Israelites and taught them to worship him.  They prayed the Our Father that they had learned from Jesus.

**** Our greatest act of worship is the Eucharist.

Worship: reading a bible, meditating, praying the rosary

What do we do when we pray?

  • Adore God
  • Ask God to forgive us
  • We ask God to make us holy
  • We thank God

Why is it important for us to pray? When we pray, we worship God and God reveals himself to us.

How do we know that God is great?

  • God created us
  • And saved us

Why do we worship God?

  • …great
  • Good
  • And we belong to him
  • We love and honor God above all else


How do we worship God?

  • Prayer
  • Loving service
  • Sacrifice