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Date(s) - 13/09/2016 - 14/09/2016
12:00 am


Answer the following in your notebook:

Reread p. 43 of CLK.  What does Booth “thunder” as he takes to the stage of Ford’s Theater?  What can you infer about Booth’s attitude towards Lincoln and his motivation for the assassination?

Reread p.138 of CLK. Summarize how Booth’s actions affected Lincoln’s legacy.  How does Booth feel about the public’s reaction to the assassination?

If you did not finish the questions on the article, find below the link and questions to be completed.

  1.  How did Booth liken himself to Brutus?
  2. Is there any evidence that Northerners did not support Lincoln?  Explain
  3. Is there evidence that some were pleased that Lincoln had been killed?  Explain
  4. How could Lincoln’s death be considered a warning to future leaders?