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Date(s) - 23/05/2016
All Day


Fantasy World Story is due on (Monday) May 23, 2016.  This should be written in story format.

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My Fantasy World


In order to deal with and escape from the problems in their lives, Jess and Leslie created the kingdom of Terabithia. Within Terabithia, they became king and queen and had many great adventures in their minds.


For this assignment, think about what your fantasy world would be like. However, unlike Jess and Leslie’s magical world, write as if your world is REAL. Would it be a place you could escape to or a place that helps you deal with your problems? Brainstorm using the questions below and afterwards, write 3-4 well-written paragraphs describing your fantasy world based on the questions. Watch out for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.


How do you travel to your fantasy world?




What kind of terrain and climate does your fantasy world have?




What kind of fantastic creatures or people live there?




Do you gain any special powers or abilities when you go there? Do you change form?




What fun things are there to do there? Or, in other words, what kinds of adventures do you have?




Who and what would you bring with you?