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Date(s) - 27/09/2017
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Math: pages 68 and 69: Math test Ch 1 on Friday

Spelling work three times each

Quick quiz in Science

Living Systems: Part 2-The Earth System

The parts of the biosphere subsystem are all the organisms on the land, in the water, and in the air.

How do they work together to make the biosphere?

One of the ways is through food chains and food webs, the feeding relationships in ecosystem.

Plants are the producers and use the energy from the Sun to make food.

Animals are the consumers and eat plants and other animals to get the energy they need.

Bacteria and fungi and other organisms are the decomposers that break down materials that are waste or not consumed and reduce it to minerals for the next generation of plants.

Organisms are organized into complex communities called ecosystems.

The thousands of kinds of organisms living in an ecosystem are able to live together because the nonliving, physical characteristics of the ecosystem (temperature, wind, moisture, etc.) provide for the needs of the organisms, from the tiniest microorganism up to the most massive animal.


Living: plants and animalsb

Nonliving: temperature, wind, moisture

  1. The geosphere: (sometimes called the lithosphere) is Earth’s rocks, minerals, and landforms.
  2. The atmosphere is the gases surrounding Earth at a depth of up to several hundred kilometers.
  3. The hydrosphere is the water on Earth in the rivers, lakes, seas, groundwater, ocean, and atmosphere.
  4. The biosphere is all the plants, animals, and other living things in the water, on the land, and in the air.
  5. The atmosphere is the layer of gases surrounding Earth

Spelling Words

Spelling test will be on Friday 9/29

Vocabulary quiz will be held on Thursday October 5, 2017.  The vocabulary quiz will be on only the first 12 words on this list.  Students need to know what each word means, how to use the word correctly in a sentence, the synonyms, and antonyms for each word. There is a practice test and games to help your child study for the quiz.  The meanings for each word can be found in their book vocabulary book or online at

  1. abandon:
  2. assault:
  3. convert:
  4. dispute:
  5. impressive:
  6. justify:
  7. misleading:
  8. numerous:
  9. productive:
  10. shrewd:
  11. strategy:
  12. villain:
  13. flame:
  14. grave:
  15. hydrogen:
  16. deny:
  17. arrive:
  18. daily:
  19. drain:
  20. style: