e-Third Grade

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Math: You are all doing a really outstanding job with your math lessons. There are two things however, that I have been noticing that we need to be more careful with. The first one is that several of the math questions are asking you for an explanation. Many of you are either not answering that part of the question or you are writing an explanation, but you are not proofreading what you wrote. Many times there are no capital letters at the beginning of the sentences, misspelled words that are written within the question, missing words altogether, or no punctuation at the end of the sentence. It is also important to label your work, just as we always do in class.
Solve Mass Problems: This lesson begins on textbook page 651. Although the pages show pictures of pan balances, you will not need one to solve the problems. All that is really required is close reading of the math problem and thoughtful math solutions. We will complete problems using pan balances once you return to school.Please continue until you reach page 654. You do not need to complete the “Hot Problems”, as we will work on this together.Now that you have mastered this, please continue with pages 655-656. I am confident that you will do a great job. These problems are similar to little puzzles.
ELA: Before reading our next story, please write a short paragraph (about 5-7 sentences) about what qualities you think make a person a good leader. Please remember to include a topic sentence, at least 3 well-written details and a concluding sentence.I can’t wait to share these as a class!
In your Journeys workbook, complete “Who Am I” on page 164. This will give you a little additional practice with homophones.
Reading:  The next story you will be reading is “Yonder Mountain”. This is a Cherokee legend. To better understand this story, please  review the vocabulary words on textbook pages 426-427. Following this read the background information about the Cherokee history on page 428.
Science: Today’s  assignment is especially important. You will need your computer to assist you in completing this. The google site that you will go to is https:/mysteryscience.com. You do not need to log in, but instead just place your cursor over the website and tap it.
The two episodes  that you will watch today are:1.How does hand sanitizer kill germs?2. How do germs get inside of your body? Please watch the bonus video as well.
They are very informative!
Religion: Today is a good day to continue working on the digital timeline which concludes with you making your First Holy Communion. It is only a few short months away! When this was first assigned last week, it was mentioned that if you will not be making your First Holy Communion, make a timeline of your life.  It should include at least 10 major events in your life.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Math: Hands On(Estimate and Measure Mass)*For the time being, you will be doing more estimating than measuring.
Read  page 645 and look at the examples that are given at the top of the page for what a kilogram would feel like. Try to complete exercise #1 as best you can. Have fun with it!We will complete exercise #2 using our pan balances and gram stackers once we are together in the classroom again. I can’t wait!Once you have completed that, read the top of page 646 and look at the examples for grams, which are smaller units of mass. Try to complete only exercise #1 on this page. Again, at a later point, we will use a pan balance and gram stackers for this as well.
Following the above, complete pages 647-650. As you are answering each question, picture yourself holding either a dictionary or a paper clip in your hands.That will be a big help.
ELA: Please complete pages 155 and 159 in your workbooks. You will be writing the answers to those questions based on homophones. Keep in mind that homophones are words that sound alike, but have different spellings and different meanings. You can find additional information regarding homophones on page 352 in your ELA textbook. If an adult agrees, you may google Schoolhouse Rock for homophones. There is more information there in addition to a song!
Now continue to page 160 and complete it. This page focuses on onomatopoeias. These are words whose sounds make you think of their meanings. They are words that imitate sounds. These might make your “My Wish” narrative writing piece more interesting when you work on your final copy of that today.
* You do not need to email me a copy of your finished story. Please place it in a folder to bring to school with you once we are all back together again.
Reading: Recently in class, we were learning about poetry. You did a great job with it!Today, please read the poems on pages 418-420 in your Journeys textbook. Practice your favorite poem throughout the day and then share it with someone in your family this evening.
Religion: On Friday, you sat quietly and thought about all of the blessings God has bestowed on you. We all have so much to be grateful for.Today, please take those thoughts and write them down in the form of a prayer. Now decorate it and say your special prayer before you go to bed tonight. Why don’t you invite your family to say it with you?Please email it to me along with your math and ELA workbook pages.
The only thing that will go into your folder today is your “My Wish” story.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Today is Friday, which means that you will not have any formal assignments from me on either Saturday or Sunday. It will be a traditional weekend. Enjoy it! It would probably be a great time to read a good book for 30 minutes each day however. 
You have all been doing a terrific job with your school assignments. I could not be more proud of you!
Math: Today you are going to solve capacity problems.Don’t worry. You will not need any equipment to complete these problems. Just use your math skills.
Please work on pages 639 – 644. You may exclude “Hot Problems” on page 642 as we will work on this together once we return to school.
* Please email me your math assignment once you have completed it if you can.
Reading: I hope that you enjoyed reading “The Science Fair” yesterday.In your packet you will find a list of questions that pertain to that story. Please complete that today. As you know, you will need to use your textbook as a reference when you are answering some of them. Remember to write in complete sentences. It is important that you proofread them once you have finished writing them. It is also a good idea to check your spelling and that you have used proper punctuation and capitalization.
* You DO NOT need to email this to me. Please place it in a folder that you will be giving me once we are all together again.
ELA: Today is a good day to either finish the rough draft for your narrative writing piece on your wish or to begin your final copy. 
In addition, please complete the pages in your workbook regarding proper nouns. These are pages 156, 158 and 163.I sent home your hardcopy of our ELA textbook. If you have any questions about what a proper noun is and need a little review, please look on page 86.
* You DO NOT need to email this to me. 
Science: Please read another copy of Science Spin and answer the questions on the back cover.
*Please email this to me if you can.
Religion: As we close our school week today, it seems like the perfect time to just sit quietly for a few minutes, perhaps with your eyes closed, and think about all of the blessings you have been given and all of the miracles that surround you daily. We truly are so blessed! You will be putting these thoughts into written form on Monday. Today however, your “unofficial homework”, is to share your thoughts with your family members tonight. I am confident that your family is a HUGE part of your blessings.
Mrs. Griffasi
*If you have any questions about anything that is written in this text or questions about the subject matter, please email me and we can go over it.