e-Second Grade

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Morning journal write: finish this story starter-write the starter sentence below in your journal and continue on with it.  See how much you can write!  Turn it into a funny story!!“I accidentally ate watermelon seeds and felt funny.  I looked in the mirror and…”
Reading:  today with would be Daily 5 groups.  So do the following:
1. Read to someone:  Reread super kids chapter 24.  Read to a parent, sibling, or to a stuffed friend!
2. Word work:  Do 1 page of word work.  Could be a backpage page or a word work page.  Check the packet.  Just pick one.
3. Work on writing or read to self:  Do a super magazine activity, if you have one left to do.  If not, pick a new story to read from the magazine to yourself.
4. Listen to a story.  Go to storylineonline.net and pick a story to listen to. 
5. Do you spelling homework..abc order and circle vowels.

ELA:  do one page in packet.  Then see if you can keep track of how many verbs you do today!  Write them on a piece of paper.  For example…I am typing. I ate breakfast.  And so on.  Underline the verbs.  
Math:  today you are going to start money.  Do the am I ready page 475, both sides. Then start page 483 pennies, nickels. And dimes.  For the first page see if mom can empty some coins from her change in her purse for you to use or maybe a piggy bank or some loose change from your car.  Sort them, then do skip counting to get amounts. Then move to see and show.  Look at example.  You will be counting on using coins.  Counting by ones, fives, and tens.  Count and find the values.  Don’t just label each coin, count up.  For example number one….a dime is 10, then add to a nickel worth five is 15, then add one cent or a penny..that is 16.  Final answer is 16.  And so on. Do that packet and at some point today the homework page.
**watch “counting coins song for kids by numberock” on YouTube.  Super cute!
Science today:  watch mystery Science Https://mysteryscience.com“How does hand sanitizer kill germs?”Also if you can look up the buffalo zoo on Facebook or on their web page…Ms. Jackie has another video talking about frogs and toads!
Social studies:  start to fill in the little booklets about communities.  There are 4 pages.  You fold them to look like a little booklet and draw and color.  
We would have library today- so find a good book to read or work on book report reading!
Tuesday’s are our full day!  Have fun and take care!!
Some time today please send pictures of:
-math money homework-morning journal-abc order hw
Just those 3 things for today!  Thank you!Have a terrific Tuesday-  miss you all so much!!!

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Morning work today starts with a journal entry.  I’m going to start assigning a topic.  Today is: if you could meet a famous person from the past or present whom would you meet and why?  Put this is complete sentence form in your journal.  Start with restating the question.  Ex. If I could meet a famous person, it would be….  Draw a picture of this person to go with it.  
Next – one page in your phonics packet
Reading:  Read chapter 24 in your superkids book today, titled Mr.Kumasi.  Go over new vocab words in your notebooks and the spelling list.  Then do pages 44 – 48 of word work.   Tonight’s homework is 3 times each and rainbow 


 write spelling words. 
ELA-  one page in your packet.  You should be up to at least page 67 on verbs.  
Math- do find the sum sheet- both sides.  Tomorrow we will start money!!
Social studies:  do the fill in urban, rural, and suburban community sheet.  Draw and color.  You can use the internet to help with ideas of what to include in each.  Like google images. 
Religion- Just hoping you are working on your Religion packets…..remember not to finish it all in a few days….take 20 minutes 3 days a week and work. Follow your Direction pages and put everything back in your blue folder. 
There is a prayer to memorize …….work on it everyday until you know it as well as you know your Act of Contrition. 
I miss you all and pray for you everyday!
Art today- see Mrs. McIntyre’s handout.
***Please send me today pictures of your journal entry, the Social studies community sheet and any ELA sheets you have not sent to me as of yet.  Also anyone who has not sent me the spelling sentences from last week and math pages from last week.  
**Remember book reports are due next week.  So keep reading and working on those.  I will assign another book report after this one.  Please let me know if you do not have access to any chapter books at your home or on line.  
** Remember read 20-30 mins daily and practice math facts.  Today I am challenging you to fill in a bingo board this week!  Print the picture below.  Starting today, when you do an activity, color in the space on the board!  When you have a bingo, send me a picture of the board.  You can earn prizes!  
Have a Marvelous Monday!!  Hugs to all of you!!  Miss you

Friday, March 20, 2020

So today is fun friday!  I know we can’t be together to do coins, prizes, and a video.  However, we can still make it a fun day!  
So let’s start with your journal writing.  Tell me about any plans you may have this weekend at home with your family.  What have you been watching on tv and the internet?  Then do one page of phonics.
Next, we normally have our spelling and reading text.  Instead of the tests, I’d like you each to write a paragraph, at least 10 sentences long about the story.  Retell the story to me in your own words.  Tell me what happened in chapter 23.  Don’t copy right from the book.  In your paragraph use 5 of the vocab words from your notebook.  Parents, if you could please let the children do this on their own.  I’d really like to see what they come up with!  Then please take a picture and send it to me! Thank you!
Next, do 1 ELA sheet (both sides) from the packet and send to me.
The rest of the day would normally be math bingo, computers, religion, and fun Friday activities.  So instead, please play a math game on line or play cards with a family member.  I am including a picture of a game I found.  You could also play war and use two cards each when playing, whoever has the highest number when two cards are added together wins.  Jacks, queens and kings are worth 10 and aces are worth 1.  Also, go on the Buffalo Zoo website and watch the video and see the animal Miss Jackie is talking about at the zoo!  Draw a picture of the animal and tell me it’s name for a prize!!  You can also do an activity Mrs. Matam put in her handout.  Follow Ms. Amato’s religion folder and then do something fun!!  Send me a picture of you, doing something you love to do at home!!  I miss you all so much!!!  Play a game, have a dance party, bake something with mom, build something…anything you would do for fun!!  Next week I’m going to give out a bingo board for prizes!!  
Take care and be sure to send me the items listed today along with your spelling sentences and any math work.  Next week I will be looking for pictures of science and social studies!   Have a great weekend and stay safe and enjoy this time with family!!


Love,Mrs. Nigro

Thursday, March 19, 2020

1st:  morning journal write and a phonics page, both sides.
2nd and 3rd  period: Reading:  Read chapter 23 in superkids again to a sibling or parent, or to a stuffed animal friend!  Then do  2 daily five sheets, so any of the word work type pages in the packet.  It could include the super magazine pages.  Homework today would be sentences if you have the 3 times each and abc order done.  Please send me a picture of your sentences sometime today or tomorrow.  
4th:  this period is either science or social studies.  You can pick which one to do.  Do the next activity in your packet I sent home.  (Day 2).
5th math:  do the addition with regrouping sheet and you can do thursdays sheet too if you want or save for tomorrow.  Please send a picture of the math pages you have finished. 
7th period is religion work.
6th and 8th are music and gym.  Today would be a great day to get outside and play and maybe for music you can find a fun video to watch!  
Enjoy your day!  Feel free to send me a video of yourself or a drawing you’ve done or just a picture of you!!  Miss you all so much!!