Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

On Friday, students did a writing activity of asking me questions so yesterday morning I made a video answering some of them. I tried to go back in my emails to gather the questions from students; if I missed any of them I apologize. 
Today’s spirit week is crazy hair day and SSPP school colors! If you do today’s spirit week please send me a picture. I am going to start posting pictures on shutterfly so they can see each other in pictures! 

Link to the questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csIOVVUrIvQ&feature=youtu.be

Day Five

Superkids: Lesson 3

Help children set a purpose for reading. Tell children they will read the story to find out which item from Cass’s list each team has to find and where each team finds its item.

Reading Comprehension attached to ask students.

Writing: Exchange notes and let your child read it aloud. This will be used for the next lesson.

Math: Lesson 8 Problem Set

Students need to show each number using a tens frame and 5 groups way. Students are used to drawing the tens frame horizontally. Make sure they are doing it vertically. I have an example for them to follow. They need to have a group of ten and then the others in another group.

Religion/SS: We can have helping hands (being a good friend)

Talk about how you can show ways to help one another. Talk about how you help a friend in class, at lunch and doing a special at school. Read page 91 and draw a way you can help others.

Day Four: Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Day Four

Superkids Lesson 2: pg. 17-18

Handwriting: Mm

Students will be learning how to write the Mm the correct way.

Uppercase M: Touch the strawberry line; pull down straight to the chocolate line. Lift. Touch the strawberry line; slant right to the chocolate line. Slant up to the strawberry line. Pull down straight to the chocolate line.

Lowercase m: Touch the vanilla line; pull down straight to the chocolate line. Push up; curve forward; pull down straight to the chocolate line. Push up; curve forward; pull down straight to the chocolate line.

Read the sentence together and have students copy the sentence. Have them underline their best uppercase M and lowercase m.

Page 18: Children will write a lowercase m or n to complete the words.

(lemon, mitten, bun, buttons, comic, mud).

Tell students this is a list for a scavenger hunt. The Superkids will need to look for these things during their hunt.

Writing: In this lesson, students will write a note to a member in the family. In their note, they need to write an interrogative sentence to ask their family member a question.

To: This is where you will write the name of the person you are writing to.

From: This is where your name goes since the message is from you.

Open the note: You write the sentence you want to ask.

***Parents or siblings please write a question for your child because they will need it for the next couple of lessons.

Math: Problem set 7

Science: How could you walk barefoot across hot pavement without burning your feet?


Day Three: Friday, March 20, 2020

Superkids: Unit 17 Lesson 1: New letter Mm

Page 15: Play “The M Song” recording below

Point out the thought balloons and explain that Cass is thinking about things the Superkids could do while she is the Supernoodle. Ask students to find the picture of Cass playing with a magic wand. Say /m/-magic and have children repeat after you. Tell them to circle the magic wand in the picture.  Look at the other thought balloons and circle the pictures that begin with m.

Page 16: Circle pictures whose names begin with /m/.

Writing: We have discussed interrogative sentences before. An interrogative sentence asks a question. It has a question mark at the end of the sentence.

Thumbs up for interrogative sentence, thumbs down for interrogative sentence.

Ex) I can play. (no) Do you like to play? (yes) Soccer is my favorite sport. (no) Are you hungry? (yes)

Help students come up with questions they would like to ask me? Such as, What is your favorite color? Etc, you can write them down as students are giving you the questions.

Math: Lesson 6 Problem set

Have students start from the bottom and put circles in the tens frame.

***Make sure they are not just filling in any squares.

Religion: Jesus Helped People

Children will be able to describe Jesus as one who helped others. Look at page 90. Ask students, what do you think is happening? Close your eyes and think about what it might feel like not to be able to see. Have your child do a simple task without sight. Read page 90. Discuss the story. 

Mystery Science – How could you warm up a frozen playground?

Superkids – “M” Video

Superkids – “N” Video