e-Fourth Grade

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Reading – That seemed like quite a lot yesterday.  (are you all raising your hands and saying “Yes!” ???)  For today, We just have one period, so there’s no more written work, but please read the rest of the questions, and then finish the story with those questions in mind.  It’s a great story, isn’t it?  And my granddog, Rooney, is a golden retriever just like Irah, so that’s another reason I like this story.  (He turned 10 last week!  The kids made him cupcakes, but I wasn’t invited to the party L .)  You will be writing those responses later this week. **No reading work due to me today, except for the 6 who haven’t sent me questions 1-5 yet.

Math – Continue Lesson 9, do the homework on p. 384, (you DO NOT need to send that to me) and start the Check My Progress on p. 386.  You can skip #1, the partial quotients.  Lesson 10 deals with having a zero in your quotient, which emphasizes how important it is to place your numbers in the correct spot.  **Watch Math Antics, the long division video, as that might help you.  Try pages 387 and 388, and pay attention to the placement of the numbers.  Then please do page 389, if you have time today, or finish it tomorrow.  **Please send me a picture of 389, either today or tomorrow.)

Science – Mrs. Griffasi is sending that to you separately.

Computer – Please work on Mrs. Matam’s assignment.

Social Studies – Please work on the packet as you progress through the chapter, in addition to the questions listed on the back of my note to you.  (Quick checks, FLR’s, and Review)  Just spend 20 minutes to ½ hour on this today, but please be thorough.  There is so much rich information here, so make sure you read carefully.  

Art – Please continue Mrs. McIntyre’s project.

Religion – Start working on the quiz.  Yes, you may use the book for reference!  If you have read thoroughly, try to do the quiz alone, but use the book if you need to

Monday, March 23, 2020

Reading/ELA – I think we’ll concentrate on the story this week.  It’s a great story, and has a lot of extensions, so we’ll do that for now.  Please begin on p. 430, reading about the author and photographer.  Notice that this story has a photographer, not an illustrator as these stories usually have.  And please note the genre on this page.  On p 431, the Essential Question – “What steps can you take toward success?” is not only one of the lessons from this story, but also for other stories in this unit. We’ll remember to look at this question again after we’re finished reading it.  Please follow the directions on the first side of the “Reading and ELA Packet” sheet. Your first reading should be for enjoyment only, and then (note that transition word!) you can read it again, making sure to ponder the questions that are on the sheet.  PAY ATTENTION to that please!  I listed the page numbers for some of the questions, but just go in sequence for the rest of them.  Even though you have two periods of reading today, please don’t rush through this.  Read only up to p. 435.  Notice that today’s assignment includes written answers to five questions. Take little breaks.  Do NOT rush.  (thank you!)   Please send pictures of your answers to the first 5 questions from the first side of the reading packet, as mentioned above.

**ELA from Friday – I’m missing pictures from quite a few of you: “Think of three things that you are grateful for right now.  Write a short explanation for each one.  Please write three mini-essays about those things, and send a picture of them to me.”

Art – Take a look at Mrs. McIntyre’s assignment.  Look it over carefully, and check your SS textbook to see what pages might help you.  I told her that she might get some emails either today or tomorrow, since those are your Art days, but please try on your own before emailing her.   

Science – Please do one more Science Spin for Mrs. Griffasi.

Math – **Two periods today.  I am still waiting for work from quite a few of you, as explained above.  After that is finished and sent to me, please go to Lesson 9, divide greater numbers.  Some of you may have gotten this far last week, but please do pages 381 and 382 – if it’s too cumbersome, do at least half of the problems.  **Please send pictures of the work on pages 381 and 382.

Social Studies – Please continue reading Lesson 1 in Chapter 8, and write the responses to the questions in your notebook.  I will eventually want to see these, but this assignment can be spread out, so don’t worry if you don’t get it done today. Just do a few, taking no more that ½ hour on this today.

Religion – Please read chapter 23, God’s People Long to Be Clean of Heart and Holy.  Read pages 191-193.  The “fill in” part of 193 is on the back of your quiz.  That’s it for today. 

Friday, March 20

Here we go – that last day of our first half-week!  I hope everyone is getting used to this new routine, and I hope that you’re being kind to your families while you’re in close quarters.  Also, I understand that some of you went overtime with some of the assignments.  It’s hard for me to figure out how long things will take, so please have your parents email me if things are too time-consuming and I’ll alter the plans. 

Before we get started – Listen to me carefully.  Remember how I’ve talked about the different kinds of prayers?  How we often ask God for things that we need or want?  “Please let me get a good grade on this test!”, “Please, God, let my aunt get better soon.”, “I hope my dog is OK after his surgery.”.  And I also  told you that I often go outside in the morning, and Thank God for the beautiful day!  Even if it’s raining, or cloudy, God gave us a beautiful world.  Or I thank God that I feel well that day.  Well, this morning I called my sister in Pittsburgh to wish her a Happy Birthday, and she had a great suggestion!  Today’s ELA assignment is from my sister Diana, who isn’t even a teacher!

Please think – and look around you.  Think of three things that you are grateful for right now.  Write a short explanation for each one.  An example from me:

I am so grateful that I have many wonderful family members who care about me.  They call frequently, and even Facetime, so that we can check on each other and share funny stories about things that we’re doing.  Some people may not be so fortunate, so I’m counting my blessings here!

Please write three mini-essays about those things, and send a picture of them to me.  I’m thinking that Diana may want to hear about how the assignment went, and maybe she’ll be helping me with my plans on Monday too!

NOW, let’s start our day!

          Math – We have two periods today.  For the first period, please finish working on yesterday’s work.  I realize that some of you had more pages already done than others, so if you’re still working, you have my permission to only do half of the problems.  Yes, it’s an even-numbered day, so I’m being nice!  Then, go on to worksheet page 53, long division with remainders.  The other side, p. 50, is practice with multiplication facts.  That’s good practice for everyone!

          Then, when you are finished and I’ve gotten pictures of your work, you may have a Fun Friday!  I’ll be sending a partial list of math websites, but I’m sure you know of more so go for it!  (but please stick to math for today)

          Science – Please do another one of your Science Spins.  If you have any Science questions, either let me know and I’ll find out, or email Mrs. Griffasi at pgriffasi@ssppschool.com  This is for two periods today.  **She would like those clipped together and saved to get back to her.

          Social Studies – continue going through Lesson 1, writing responses to the questions as listed on my “Intro” sheet, as stated in yesterday’s plans.

          Religion – Read through the Stations of the Cross with your families, discussing them as you go.

          ELA – **See above.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Day 2 – Thursday, March 18, 2020

**Two pictures due today – please see Math section.

Good Morning, Kids!  I hope all is going well with your “home schooling”.  My grandchildren are working hard in the “classroom” Mary set up, but of course they’re driving her a little nuts, too.  That’s a lot of togetherness for everyone, so please be kind with each other, and with your parents or babysitters.

Reading/ELA – Two periods of this today, so you can split this assignment up into two sessions if you’d like to. Before reading the story, look at page 429, Comprehension.  This discusses the words that will clue you in to the sequence.  I’ve called them “transition” words, going from one thing to another.  I won’t ask you to write the sequence of the events now, but be aware when you’re reading of the order of the events.  The next section is about summarizing.  We’ve done some summarizing this year (like your book reports!), so briefly read over this section.  Then, in your Journey’s Practice Book (from now on referred to as your workbook), do page 193. **As always, put these responses in your Reading/ELA composition notebook.  Do not write in the workbook.  This is a cute short selection about service dogs, so the subject ties in with our story. Then, (now, or after a break), please go on to page 194.  This is also about sequence.  

Math – Two periods today, so you can either work all at once or finish after a short break.  **Specifics from the chapter, repeating yesterday: Going through the chapter, emphasize the long division and especially Lesson 5, dividing with remainders.  That would be pages 353-358.  Most of that has been done, but make sure that you’ve done the word problems “problem solving” on page 358.  (You can skip Lesson 4, Make a Model, since we touched on that in class.)  Lesson 6, Interpret Remainders, is on p. 360.  Make sure that all pages there are done, especially “Problem Solving” on page 362.  I think we’ve done the homework on pages  363 & 364, and the Check My Progress on 365-366.  Lesson 7, Place the First Digit, is on p. 367.  I know we had a worksheet with that, but I don’t think we did the pages in the book, so please do those.  ***Parents, please email me if your child is behind on this, so I don’t go ahead.

**Please complete and take a picture of the back of my McDonald’s worksheet (beginning with 72 divided by 4), and also the front of worksheet 51 (with Help Box at the top and snake & pencil drawing on the bottom.)


Spanish – Impress your family by identifying some things in your house in Spanish!

Reading – continuing above.

Phys.  Ed. – Look at the paper that Mrs. Wagner handed out and follow her directions. 

Social Studies – We will be studying the Civil War, as I said in my first letter that was with your packets.  (It says “To My Favorite Fourth Graders…”)  Please start on page 212, and write the vocabulary words for Lesson 1 in your SS composition books.  Look up the definitions and write them neatly in the notebooks. Begin reading Lesson 1, making sure to look at the timeline, pictures, maps and captions.  Do the Quick Check question on page 215, writing your response in your notebook.  **If this takes too long, we will continue tomorrow.

Religion – I was typing up the Stations of the Cross to send to your families, and then I noticed that they’re in the back of your Religion books!  The pages aren’t numbered, but they’re after the index.  The two pages are meant to be cut out of the book, then cut on the dotted lines in the middle.  Then, just fold them in the middle and put them together so the stations are in order.  Take your time – it may be confusing. **Remember – when things are challenging, stop, take a deep breath, and then try again. J Once you get it put together, read through them carefully, a few at a time.  I’m glad we read them in class – very thought-provoking for us. I LOVED how attentive you were when we read them, and I loved the discussions. I can’t wait until we’re back to show you Miss Amato’s class set of stations.  Even if it’s after Easter, I’d like you to see them.   

THERE IS A REWARD AT THE END OF WEEK 1!  If I get pictures of math papers from most of you, you just might have a Fun Friday for Math tomorrow!!  (hmmm, you’re thinking.  That sure sounds interesting… )  

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 1 of our adventure – Wednesday, March 18

We always begin our Wednesdays with mass.  As a matter of fact, last Wednesday was our 4Z mass.  Please begin your day with some prayers, and ask your family to join you.  This might not take the place of a mass, but it will begin our day in a prayerful way.

          Math – we’re continuing long division.  Some of you may still be struggling, so I’ve included the first worksheet, which shows my step-by-step example of the process.  Please go back to the textbook – the chapter starts on page 321 so go back and review what we’ve done.  You should even do the problems and pages that we skipped, just to get extra review.  Remember that each lesson starts with the lesson, then guided practice, independent practice, problem solving, “Homework Helper”, and then the homework.  We have done those lessons, but didn’t always do all of the independent practice problems or the problem solving problems.  The word problems, in particular, are good practice.  For this first day, just go through the chapter and fill in what you haven’t done yet.  You may also use some websites, if you can, to relearn and review the process.  Khan Academy and youtubeMathAntics are great sites for math (and other subjects.)  **You should also be practicing the math facts if you still struggle with those. 

          Reading/ELA – we (well, YOU!)  will be starting a new story today.  Please look at page 426.  In your notebooks, write down the vocabulary words and use the glossary to find the definitions.  Write these neatly in your notebooks, as I will be checking these. Then, take the time to read the “Background” on page 128.  This includes some interesting information and acts as an introduction to the story.

          Science – Mrs. Griffasi will be emailing me to let me know your daily assignments.  Today, please read one of your Science Spin supplements today and answer the questions on the back.

          Well – it’s fortunate for us that we’re beginning this on a Wednesday, since that is a light day in the classroom.  However, you have to remember to sing (Chorus), make music (Music), and get some exercise (Phys Ed.).

          **I may be getting parent emails, letting me know how things are going.  I will send group emails if there is something that needs explaining or something that is missing.  This is certainly a learning experience for me as well as for you!

          Have a great day, work hard, help around the house, and be happy!!  


Mrs. Zuccaro