e-First Grade

Friday, March 20, 2020

Today would be our “FUN FRIDAY” so I want you to have as much fun as you can today!Have a movie night with popcorn, build with legos, play with play dough, bake cookies, sing, make crafts, listen to music and dance!
1. Math- Go into your red homework folder. Inside you will find a “Check My Progress” math sheet. Please complete both sides independently. Parents if you can, please send me a photo of both sides. THANK YOU! Next, write and practice your +3 addition math facts up to 10. 
2. Religion-We begin a Station of the Cross book next week. Today, I would like you to assemble the book and make a cover. Take 8 pieces of any kind of paper, printer paper construction paper, even paper bags will work. Stack the paper and fold the paper in half (Mathematicians-how many pages will you have now?) If you have a stapler, staple down the folded edge side to make a book, if not, no problem. You can even punch holes and tie string to make your book or it’s fine just folded. Today we will just work on the cover-Create your cover by writing STATIONS OF THE CROSS and decorate your cover using pencil and crayons (e.g. draw a cross, Jesus, hearts, anything that makes you smile because Jesus loves YOU!)
3. S.S.- In your S.S. notebook draw a picture, or if you have a printer, print and glue an image of the landmark you chose for your project. Label your landmark at the top of your page. 
4. ELA-Write 5 sentences in your journal using a noun and an action verb. Circle the noun and underline the action verb. Example: The fish swims fast. Circle fish, underline swims. Choose your best sentence and illustrate.  
5. Reading- Re-read Buster’s Surprise and In Case of Rain (we already read these in class). in your More Superkids Adventures Book. Discuss Story Elements-Characters,Setting, Events, Problem, Solution. It looks like rain today so maybe you would like to choose an activity from the story In Case of Rain to do! Enjoy! How about, make a puppet?!
Parents, please send pictures when you can. I love to see the work the children are doing
I miss you all very much. Many prayers, Mrs. Dernbach