e-EK Walters

Friday, March 20, 2020

I hope and pray for each of you each day for safety, good health and patience to deal with the tasks before us. May God’s grace and peace be with you!Start the day with a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.Today is a day of review of former letters and numbers.The children may need a little reinforcement with some pages. 1.) Work through the W page, cutting out pictures that begin with W and gluing to the large W. 2.) Some children have some practice Y and Z pages. These can be done at any time during the next few days. 3.)This is the number 6 page -coloring horses, write number 6 in box and practice writing #64.) Fluttering Five page.Cut and glue numbers in order then write the numbers at the bottom of the page. Color the dragon flies.5.) Wave You Wand -beginning letter sounds, c,g,w. Cut, match and glue the pictures that start with each letter. 
The little children Cutouts are for your child to use for imagination play. These figures go along with our Religion series. We’ll start the religion on Monday.
Keep having the children drawing pictures and making words to send to family, friends and those in hospitals.
Here are several movement and yoga websites:Physical activity is so important to this age group. 
Youtube -kids zumba has many videos for children.
https://www.comickids.com   She has a youtube channel as well.
the measuredmom.comfrogyogi.com
6.) Exercise7.) Reading one of the books in your child’s packet or any other books you may have.8.) Writing letters to others:My mom is at home very lonely at this time and would LOVE some letters or pictures:
 Phyllis Wesolek

2910 Sunset Drive

Grand Island, N.Y. 14072

9.) Another idea: Cutting pictures that start with a certain letter and gluing them to the paper with that letter written largely on the top.
Email or text me if you have concerns,questions or problems!
Have a great day and have fun!!All my love and prayers to all!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Start the day with a Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance
1.) “Poof!” PageBeginning sounds j, m, sCut out all pictures, Match the beginning letter sounds, Glue to letter box with matching sound.2.) “Buried Treasure” Eggs/ Beginning SoundsColor the matching picture that begins with the letter and Color on top of page TAKE A BREAK. Have a snack
3.) If your child is ambitious today, he/she may complete the back of page “Underwater Eggs”Cut and glue to match the letters and sounds.4.) “Looking for Leprechauns” Positional WordsCut words to match the picturesTAKE ANOTHER BREAK.
Another fun activity for positional words is to give your child an item. Say a positional word. Have him place or hold the item to match your word.5.) Ordering numbers- 1-15  Write the numbers in order, color each box with a 5. Bottom – color the box if the numbers are in order.6.) Continue reading 20 minutes a day. 

PLAYDOUGH RECIPE1 cup water 1/2 cup salt1 cup flour2Tablespoons Oil2 teaspoons cream of TartarFood coloring 
Place water in a medium saucepan. Add 10 drops of food coloring. Over Medium heat add salt, flour, oil and cr. of tartar.stir thoroughly until it comes to the consistency of mashed potatoes. This will only take a few minutes. Pour out mixture onto clean, flat surface. It will be hot! LET COOL! When cooled, knead playdough until completely mixed. ENJOY!!Store in a zip-lock bag for ~1 month. The children can roll out letters, make animals, use cookie cutters for pretend baking.They love it! Have fun!
CLAY RECIPE2 cups Baking soda1 cup Corn Starch1 1/4 cups Waterfood coloring
1.) Pour 2 cups baking soda into a saucepan.2.) Add 1 cup corn starch. Then stir until mixed.3.) Add 1 1/4 cups cold water, then food coloring, if desired.4.) Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until consistency of mashed potatoes. (10-15 min.)5.) Remove mixture to plate and cover with damp cloth.6.) When cool to the touch, pat until smooth. Then see what your kids can create!Store in your fridge for up to one week.
SLIME RECIPE 1 Cup glue1 cup shaving cream, by sight a few squirts contact lens solution Mix in bowl with hands. Will seem messy at first, continue mixing while adding all ingredients.To make slime rubbery, add 2 tsp. solution (1 cup water to 1tsp. Borax) DO NOT LET CHILDREN HANDLE BORAX SOLUTION. Get rid of when finished! Store in plastic container with lid.

Check out some of the learning websites listed:
Do some stretching exercises or yoga moves. I will send websites for Yoga moves.
Have a great day! Stay safe and healthy! May God bless you!Please email if you have questions,concerns or problems. I’d be happy to speak to your child if desired. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

For your child: Wake up, Make bed, wash hands, BF, Brush teeth 

Exercise, worksheet pages, 

1.) The X “Highlight a Letter” page directions are: “Be a Detective” -highlight or color the letter X in the puzzle, then, trace each upper and lower case letter X on the lines. 

2.) Color the picture #5 page: Color the 5 houses, print the #5 in the box, practice writing the #5 on the lines, following the 1,2 &3 example on the first #5.  

3.) Shamrock Float page: Say the name of each picture in each shamrock. Color the rhyming pictures in each shamrock.  Then color the leprechaun.  

Quiet time, reading time – Read SNAKE book, Fill in letters in book, 


Suggestion: play and run outside 

Help mom or dad do some cleaning or straightening up  

Easy cooking or baking is always fun with your child. 

Have a great day! Please email me with any questions, concerns or problems. Thank you! May God be at your side throughout this whole process!!