Peanut/Tree Allergy

Food allergies are on the rise and cause a severe, potentially fatal allergic reaction called anaphylaxis in allergic individuals. Cooperative efforts between students, parents, and school staff members can help to minimize these risks. Two of the most serious allergies are peanuts and tree nuts. Individuals with these allergens may experience anaphylaxis if they touch, inhale or ingest even the slightest trace of a peanut and/or tree nut.

To help make our school a fun and safe place for all of our students, Ss. Peter and Paul School will strive to be a peanut and tree nut restricted school.  In addition to cleaning hands before entering school, there are ways for you to help. Please send lunches and snacks with items that contain no peanuts, tree nuts, or peanut butter. Also, please ensure that birthday or holiday treats do not contain peanuts, tree nuts, or peanut butter.

We are requesting that all classroom and event snacks be prepackaged and contain an ingredient label. No bulk items or home baked goods can be sent into the classroom due to the potential for cross contaminated ingredients. Please read food labels and check the ingredients before sending snacks to school. Do not send in items that state any of the following, whether it is on the ingredient list or as a separate statement:

“Contains peanuts, tree nuts” / “May contain peanuts, tree nuts” / “Manufactured in a facility…with peanuts, tree nuts” / “Manufactured on shared equipment…with peanuts, tree nuts”

Fruit and vegetables are always a nice healthy option, or you may want to consider a non-food craft as a way of celebrating a birthday or other holiday. You may consider providing a special non-edible surprise for the class on the day of school birthday celebration. This may take the form of a birthday pencil or  other small tangible item or a pre-planned event such as a book read to the class by the parent or a game led by the parent.  Contact your child’s teacher to make birthday celebration arrangements.

The website, will help with your selection of “safe” snack items. This guide is updated frequently. (Disclaimer: Please be aware that this list is intended to be used as a guide. Ss. Peter and Paul School does not accept any liability from reliance on this guide).