Mrs. Dernbach

Mrs. Michele Dernbach – 1st Grade

Subjects Taught: 1st Grade

Number of Years Teaching/Number at SSPP:  15 years, 13 at SSPP

What do you love most about teaching at SSPP:  “I love the camaraderie between the teachers, staff, and students. SSPP is like a second family, everyone is always willing to give a hand when needed.”

Awards/Accolades: Mrs. Dernbach has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  She also has her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and assisted on the Social Studies Curriculum Committee.  Mrs. Dernbach has three children.  One is a 2019 graduate of SSPP and two more remain at SSPP still!

Favorite Book: “Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Paterson

Favorite Food: Lasagna and Mac & Cheese – pretty much any food covered in cheese!

Favorite Movie: “Top Gun, Soul Surfer, and Mr. Holland’s Opus”- Mrs. Dernbach loves movies with characters that overcome adversity.

Favorite Lesson: “I love teaching subjects; interdisciplinary (combining subjects into one lesson).  My favorites to teach in this style are: butterflies, bats, and apples.  I also love to integrate poetry writing: acrostic or cinquain.”