How Does A Virtual Meat Raffle Work?

In A Nutshell …

· Purchase tickets online by going to

· A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your sale

· We will be using the Wheel of Names for our entries.  If you purchase 1 entry, your name will be listed on the Wheel 1 time, 2 entries=2 times listed on the wheel, and so on …

· Watch the Facebook live event from the comfort of your home either by yourself or with a friend or two… Can’t watch?  No problem – winners will be posted and notified after the event.

· The Wheel is spun and winners are announced similar to being at a LIVE meat raffle


· If you win, you’ll pick it up from FEDERAL MEATS on Kensington Ave., instead of hauling it home in a cooler that night. 

Frequently Asked Questions

· How does pricing for a virtual meat raffle compare to an in-person meat raffle?

Admission to an in-person meat raffle typically ranges from $5 – $10. However, in order to participate in each round, you would then spend an additional $1 – $3 per spin (3 spins per round). Don’t forget the bonus rounds which would typically cost between $3 – $5 each! This already puts your total over our $30 price point for the virtual event! 

· Do I get a ticket number?

No – we will be using the Wheel of Names.  All names will be entered onto the Wheel by number of entries purchased.  If you purchase 1 entry, your name is entered 1 time.  If you purchased 5 entries, your name will be entered 5 times.  The more entries you purchase – the better your odds are of winning! The wheel will be shuffled periodically throughout the event. 

· Can I purchase entries for the meat raffle rounds during the live event?

No, unfortunately all entries for the rounds must be purchased ahead of time.

· Do I need a Facebook to participate in this event?

No! You do not need to have Facebook in order to watch this event. Anyone with or without a Facebook account can watch a Facebook live video. In addition, the video will also be posted on our website on a later date and can be accessed by anyone.

· How are the winners determined?

Just like a regular meat raffle!  We have an Emcee – Buffalo’s own DJ Anthony that will be emceeing the event and announcing the rounds and the winners that evening.  

· Can I still participate even if I’m not available on Friday, November 13th?

Absolutely! The Facebook Live video will be available on our website to watch at a later time. Winners will also be emailed to notify you that you have won an item during our meat raffle!

· What are some of the items I could win during the Virtual Meat Raffle and where are they from?

All meat will be purchased from Federals Meats and you will have a chance to win steak, chicken, turkey, dinner ham, pizza logs, chicken fingers, bacon, and more!  We also have 6 Door Prizes – two of which are “Special”.  The first is an “EARLY BIRD” sign up bonus and our second special item is the GRAND PRIZE YETI TUNDRA 45 Cooler!

· How do I pick up my winnings?

Meat winners will pick up their items at Federal Meats at 2102 Kensington Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14226, no later than 11/21/20.  Federal will have a list of package winners.  Dates and times for pick up will be announced.  Arrangements can be made for pick-up of the winners for the door prizes and GRAND PRIZE YETI TUNDRA 45 Cooler. 

· I am not a school family or parishioner of SSPP, can I still participate in Meat Knight? 

Absolutely!  We welcome all to participate in our virtual Meat Knight!