Top 12 Teacher Tips for Back to School

Top 10Teacher Tips for Back to School (1)Teachers see throughout the day how time at home impacts a student’s school day and academic performance.  Here’s 12 simple tips that Ss. Peter and Paul School teachers think are important for a happy, successful, confident student.

#1  Have a special place in the home to put electronics(phones,etc.) at night so kids can wind down and go to sleep. Kids are not sleeping enough and it impacts their school performance. -Miss Amato                            

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#2  Encourage your child to eat breakfast–something simple and nutritious.  -Mrs. Ackerman                                    

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#3  Hug your kids every day…even the junior high kids need to know you love them in a tangible way.  -Miss Amato

#4  Keep practicing math facts, addition, and subtraction.   -Mrs. Nigro                                                                

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#5  Teach and practice tying shoe laces.  -Mrs. Nigro                                                                                                      

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#6  Read to or with your children every day; ask simple questions about the story. Mrs. Marconi              

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#7  Do not redo your child’s coloring, printing, bed making etc.They will get better at it!  Mrs. Marconi   

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#8 When homework is finished, encourage your child to put in a homework folder and right into the backpack. So much time and energy are spent searching for assignments. -Mrs. Stachewicz                                

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#9  Have your child to school by 7:30.  Students who arrive by 7:30 have time to settle in, get organized and socialize.  This sets a calm positive tone for the day. –Mrs. Zuccaro                                                                                

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#10  Offer two choices. If you want your child to make good choices, be certain that the one you want them to choose is more attractive than the other option.   –Mrs. Marconi

#11  Foster independence. Have your child carry his or her own things to the classroom–they can do it!  Yes, big projects are an exception.  -Mrs. Zuccaro                                                                                                                                  

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#12  Lastly, but actually first: pray and take your child to worship.  -Mrs. Marconi                                                    

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