Volunteer Opportunities


We value the support and involvement of our school volunteers.  Without volunteer help we could not afford to offer supervision for our hot lunch program in the cafeteria. The Media Center would not operate as efficiently without volunteers to help check in and shelve books. Each year, thousands of dollars are raised through several major fundraisers. The proceeds from these events are a source of operating revenue that provides educational materials, equipment, and services that ensure high quality programs.  For these reasons, we ask that each family commit to personally volunteering at our school.
There are a variety of opportunities to fulfill your volunteer commitment and be directly and indirectly involved in the education of your children.  Individual involvement may take on different forms, from room parent, lunchroom aide, coach, to activity planner. The time and talents of our school families working together is what makes our school so successful.  It’s an example of true Christian unity.
The goal of the volunteer program at Ss. Peter and Paul School is to enable each school family to become more involved in the school and church and help create a stronger, more vibrant community. Each family is being asked to provide a minimum of 10 hours of service  to the school during the school year.
Time commitments for each project may be adjusted in the future as needed. Volunteer hours will be counted beginning September 1st and ending on June 30th.
Volunteer hours performed after June 30th will be credited toward the following school year.
Here is a list of all of the Volunteer Opportunities available for you to choose from!

~Thank you for all you do for our school! Your help is what makes it all work so well! ~

Volunteer Handbook

Code of Conduct