Here is a selection of recent testimonials about the quality education students at Ss. Peter and Paul, Williamsville receive thanks to our teachers, administrators, church,  Diocese, alumni, donors, and community:

  • “Since our boys were little, we knew our path would lead to a Catholic middle school. As parents, we wanted a small and nurturing environment for our son to navigate all of the changes and challenges that occur during middle school. For both of our sons, the switch from or neighborhood school (that we loved) to SSPP was transformative. Each of them blossomed in their own way under the care and guidance of the SSPP faculty and staff. My son is entering high school with a strong sense of self thanks to the safe environment, sense of community, and character development embodied at SSPP.” Mary Frances Bayer
  • “I just wanted to say thank you for everything you taught us at SSPP. You were right–we are the best-prepared kids at grammar in the English class.  We  had to write a 5 page paper for history. Everyone else didn’t know what to do, but those of us from SSPP were able to get it done easily because of the research paper! I really miss having your class, but I wanted to thank you for a great two years of English!” ~Michael S, Class of 2016
  • “I had to drive the kids into school this morning…We were greeted at the door by a smiling Ms. Amato, every teacher I saw walking down the hall was equally friendly and welcoming. Mrs. Griffasi met us at the top of the stairs and was thrilled with the crickets (we had brought). Mrs. Zuccaro sweetly answered a question for me, and I was on my way. Back down the stairs and out the door, every teacher I saw was greeting children with friendly, smiling faces. What a great way to start the day! Also, I LOVE the fourth grade team… Both teachers seem to be willing to work with the children and teach responsibility, rather than stating high expectations and and punishing those that don’t meet them.” ~Mrs. Clements
  • “Our daughter had been attending a public school in a highly regarded suburban district. It was time for middle school when we decided to attend an Open House at SSPP. We were looking for a school that reflected our values; one with a sense of ‘community’. We agreed that our daughter should shadow at SSPP for a day. Upon picking her up at dismissal, the first words out of her mouth were, ‘I love it!’ Our decision had been made. SSPP was exactly what we had been looking for.” ~Mr. & Mrs. Pierino
  • “My son has been attending SSPP school since Kindergarten. The atmosphere in the school is very watm and nurturing. Every year has been wonderful with kind and loving teachers. I couldn’t imagine my son at any other school!” ~Mrs. Malinowski
  • “We have been very appreciative of the school’s flexibility. Whenever we had a request, the teachers and the administrators have tried hard to make it happen. I think my children get a tremendous amount of individual attention at SSPP, and it helps so much!” ~Mrs. Campo
  • “The first time I visited SSPP, I came by myself. I was so impressed by Mrs. Maines, the teachers and the attitudes of the children that I returned with my oldest son. When he left the school, he immediately looked at me and said, ‘Can I come to this school next year?’ We have been very happy here and have never regretted our decision.” ~Mrs. Stobnicki
  • “When our school closed a few years ago (St. Josaphat’s), I didn’t know where to send my kids. So, after going to many Open Houses, I fell in love with Ss. Peter and Paul. It was because the Principal took the time out of her day to show me the school. (Very impressive!) She answered all my questions and assured me this school would make a difference, and she was right. The teachers here are great, and my kids are doing well here.”~Mrs. McKie
  • “There are so many reasons why I love SSPP for my whole family. There is always a warm welcome and the children receive so much nurturing and love. The curriculum is very broad, interesting and challenging. The girls are very happy learning in such a positive atmosphere.” ~Rachael
  • “Our school is fun. I love the Paraliturgies, the Student of the Month, and the Jeans Days. The teachers are all so nice and we always have fun while we are learning.” ~Jacob
  • “I really enjoy going to SSPP. Whenever I ever dream of going away, or moving, my brain gets stuck on the matter of school. The school is of the students, by the students, and for the students. Of course, our principal and teachers are the main commanders, but everything is for us. Everyone in SSPP is dedicated to helping us, and that makes it unique.” ~Abby
  • “At Saint Peter and Paul, there are so many nice teachers. In Kindergarten my teacher was Mrs. Nichols. Whenever I see her in the hallway she still gives me a hug. I have made so many friends at Saint Peter and Paul.” ~Grace
  • “It was fun, it was personal, warm and sharing. One of the greatest times in my life. I have very warm memories.” ~Robert, ’61
  • “My teachers were the Sisters of St. Francis. I received an excellent basic education from them. My Catholic school experience was very positive.” ~Robert, ’53
  • “I attended SSPP grades 6-8 and received a good education. I still keep in contact with friends made during that time.” ~Paul, ’76
  • “I had the personal attention to build my education and relationships..” ~Dale, ’91
  • “My favorite memories are the classmates and teammates I had during my years at SSPP. In addition, I will remember many of my teachers.” ~John, ’73