SSPP Music Program Offerings


Mrs. Nancy Erdman will direct a student chorus comprised of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders during 8th period on Tuesdays. This chorus will perform for families in December and again in May.  Attendance is required and will be included in the Participation grade for Music class on report cards.


Mrs. Gail Shepherd directs a children’s after school choir for students in grades 3-8. Students sing at the Wednesday 8:00am Mass and Sunday Masses.


Mrs. Nancy Erdman will direct a yearly musical in the Spring. Auditions will be held in the Fall on the stage.  Rehearsals will be held after school on Fridays from 2 pm to 3:30 pm on the stage beginning in November with a final dress rehearsal just prior to the performance.  Attendance at all rehearsals and parental permission is required.


Mrs. Gail Shepherd will accept a small number of piano students after school. Contact her through the parish office at 632-2559.