The SSPP Swim Team finished up their season this past Sunday at the Neumann Catholic Championship Meet.   Our swimmers did a great job competing against all of the other Catholic and private schools in the area.  There were well over 500 swimmers overall at this competitive year end meet.

Our 9-10 year olds had a strong presence – Gabby A. won 2 gold medals one in the 50 Butterfly with her time of 33.78 seconds and the other in the 100 IM with her time of 1:18.97.  Makena S. took home a 4th place finish in the 50 Freestyle with her time of 32.96 and a 5th place finish in the Backstroke with her time of 41.63 seconds.  The 9-10 Relay Team of Gabby A, Isabella P, Cara M and Makena S finished 7th place in the 200 Freestyle Relay.


Other top 20 finishes in their age groups were: 

25 Backstroke:  Tyler T (13th place) and Aniella P (15th place)

100 IM:  Cara M (11th place)

50 Butterfly:  Quinn F (15th place)

50 Breast:  Macey K (11th place)

50 Free:  Henry W (13th place)

50 Butterfly:  Henry W (13th place)

Congratulations to all of the SSPP swimmers who achieved All-Star times this year! 

Mixed 11 & Over 200 Free                                Henry W.                                         2:37.56Y

Mixed 8 & Under 100 IM                                 Morgan M.                                      2:06.00Y

Mixed 9-10 100 IM                                             Gabby A.                                          1:18.97Y

Mixed 11 & Over 200 IM                                  Henry W.                                         3:08.18Y

Mixed 8 & Under 25 Free                               Morgan M.                                            19.97Y

Kennedy M.                                          23.29Y

Aniella P.                                               22.39Y

Thomas B.                                              22.79Y

Tyler T.                                                   22.00Y

Jude V.                                                   21.67Y

Mixed 9-10 50 Free                                          Gabby A.                                                33.56Y

Makena S.                                              32.96Y

Mixed 11 & Over 50 Free                               Philip A.                                                  32.01Y

Henry W.                                               29.27Y

Mixed 8 & Under 25 Fly                                Morgan M.                                            24.66Y

Mixed 9-10 50 Fly                                            Gabby A.                                                33.78Y

Quinn F.                                                 50.70Y

Mixed 11 & Over 50 Fly                                 Henry W.                                               33.54Y

Mixed 9-10 100 Free                                      Gabby A.                                           1:16.12Y

Mixed 11 & Over 100 Free                            Henry W.                                          1:12.52Y

Mixed 8 & Under 25 Back                            Aniella P.                                               24.77Y

Tyler T.                                                   23.85Y

Mixed 9-10 50 Back                                        Gabby A.                                                41.95Y

Genevieve B.                                        46.76Y

Cara M.                                                  46.42Y

Makena S.                                              41.63Y

Mixed 11 & Over 50 Back                            Henry W.                                               38.61Y

Mixed 8 & Under 25 Breast                       Morgan M.                                            29.29Y

Mixed 9-10 50 Breast                                    Macey K.                                                48.61Y

Makena S.                                              53.30Y

A special THANK YOU to our coaches, Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Jakubowski, Mr. St. George and Mrs. PrzybylakAn extra special THANK YOU to our swim team coordinators Mrs. Weimer and Mrs. Marchese for their dedication to the SSPP Swim Team!  For any students interested in joining our school swim team – sign-ups are in the spring.  See you at the pool!


img_5706 img_5711 img_5713 img_5715


Why Swim Team?

Swimming is a great lifelong sport.  Swimming provides an awesome conditioning exercise for any sports your child choses to pursue and pulls kids away from the screens!  One of the greatest comforts for a parent is to have a child who is a strong swimmer.  Last year over 20% of our students participated on swim team (with a huge number of K-2nd graders).  We provide a nurturing and competitive team environment.  It is one of the few school sports that is open to children from K-8th grade.  Swim team is a perfect place for both kids and parents to meet new families and make new friends.

Who can participate?

Any child in grades K-8 who can safely swim one length of a 25m pool.  If you are unsure of your child’s ability or interest, we welcome you to attend the first few practices for a “test drive.”  If you would like to test out our team, please email Rebecca Weimer (weimerclan@gmail.com).

What are the age groups?

The swim team is divided into three groups: children 8 and under, children 9 and 10, and children 11 and older.  The group your child belongs in will be based on their age as of September 1st.

How often is practice and what is the attendance expectation?

The team practices twice a week for one hour each session.  The first three weeks the practice days vary due to pool availability.  By October most practice are on Tuesdays and Fridays.  SSPP will practice at Maryvale High School and Villa Maria College.  We encourage children to attend as many practices as possible.  However, we do understand it is an intense season and that families have many additional commitments.  Children are never penalized for missed practices. A complete schedule is provided below.

When and where are the swim meets?

SSPP participates in the Neumann Catholic Swim League (www.ncsl-buffalo.org).  We swim against other Catholic and private schools.  There are 6 meets all held on Sunday mornings at various local pools.  Meets last approximately 2.5 hours and all children participate in at least 3 events.  There is an optional championship for all schools held at UB on November 13th.  The league schedule has not been released, but the first meet will be on September 18th.

What is expected of parents?

Running a swim meet takes a village.  Parents are assigned various duties at every swim meet.  These duties do not preclude you from watching your children swim.  Working a meet actually is better than sitting in the stands (trust us)!  We also welcome parents with and without swim experience to help on deck at practices.  Our coaches will determine the level of parental help they require.

What does the team wear?

Children may wear any swim suit to swim practice (no bikinis).  Our team suits are navy blue.  You may purchase a navy blue suit at any store of your choice.  For your convenience, a representative from Laux’s Sporting Goods will be at our practice on September 8th.  You can have your child measured and purchase a suit and goggles at this time.  Swim caps are provided by SSPP.  Girls are required to wear caps (it is optional for boys).

How do you register?

Please contact Mrs. Christina Zogaria, SSPP Athletic Director at czogaria@ssppschool.com for registration materials.

When and where is practice?

Our swim practices are held at Maryvale High School and at Villa Maria College.  There must be 2 certified, CPR trained lifeguards at every practice. The Maryvale pool is larger, so when practices are held at this pool the whole team will practice at the same time.  When the practice is at Villa Maria College, the 8 and under swimmers will practice for the first hour and the 9/10 and 11 & older will practice during the second hour. Our swim practice schedule is as follows:


Tuesday 9/6 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm
Thursday 9/8 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm
Thursday 9/15 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm
Friday 9/16 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm
Monday 9/19 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm
Wednesday 9/21 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm
Tuesday 9/27 Villa 6:30-8:30pm
Friday 9/30 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm


Tuesday 10/4 Villa 6:30-8:30pm
Friday 10/7 Maryvale 7-8pm
Tuesday 10/11 Villa 6:30-8:30pm
Friday 10/14 Maryvale 7-8pm
Friday 10/21 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm
Tuesday 10/25 Villa 6:30-8:30pm
Friday 10/28 Maryvale 6:30-7:30pm


Tuesday 11/1 Villa 6:30-8:30pm
Friday 11/4 Maryvale 6:30-& 7:30pm
Tuesday 11/8 Villa 6:30-8:30pm
Thursday 11/10 Villa 6:30-8:30pm

Any additional questions, please contact Rebecca Weimer (weimerclan@gmail.com).



In their final league meet of the season, the SSPP swim team defeated their opponents Elmwood Franklin!


Congratulations to our 8th grade swimmers (Michael S., Gianna Z., Nicole M., Emma B., Sarah F. and Margaret W.) for a great season.  Nicole, Gianna and Emma have swam with the SSPP team for 8 years.  Margaret has swam for 9 years and has never missed one weekly swim meet.  Not only did our 8th graders show great athleticism, but they also displayed leadership and compassion to the younger SSPP swimmers, setting the bar high for our future swim team.

A special thank you to our swim team coordinators, Rebecca Weimer and Suzanne Marchese for all of their hard work!  Our coaches also deserve a huge thank you for all of their time and dedication to our swimmers, Debbie McCormick, Dan Burns and Mark St. George, who did an outstanding job!

Please join us for the championship meet on Sunday, November 8th at UB North Campus as the SSPP swimmers showcase their swimming talents against all of the schools in the Neumann Catholic Swim League!  Go Knights!

200 Freestyle                     11 & over             1st Place – Philip A and Heidi W.


100 Medley Relay            8 & Under           1st Place – team of Michael O., Macey K., Cara M. & Morgan M.


200 Medley Relay            9 & 10                    1st Place – team of Elizabeth F., Amelia M., Gabrielle A. & Liana W.

3rd Place – team of Lucy V., Isabella P., Cassidy M. & Liam M.


200 Medley Relay            11 & over             1st Place – team of Henry W., Gianna Z., Nicole M. & Emma B.

3rd Place – team of Heidi W., Aaron R., Margaret W. & Andrew M.


100 IM                                  8 & Under           2nd Place – Cara M.          **All-star time**


100 IM                                  9 & 10                    2nd Place – Gabrielle A.


200 IM                                  11 & Over            1st Place – Nicole M.        **All-star time**


25 Freestyle                       8 & Under           1st Place – Morgan M.          **All-star time**

3rd Place – Brooklyn S.

Cara M.                **All-star time**


50 Freestyle                       9 & 10                    1st Place – Liana W.                **All-star time**

2nd Place – Makena S.       **All-star time**


50 Freestyle                       11 & Over            1st Place – Henry W.          **All-star time**

Jed D.                      **All-star time**


25 Butterfly                        8 & Under           2nd Place – Cecelia D.

Cara M.               **All-star time**


50 Butterfly                        9 & 10                    2nd Place – Gabrielle A       **All-star time**


50 Butterfly                        11 & Over            1st Place – Nicole M.        **All-star time**

2nd Place – Margaret W.


50 Freestyle                       8 & Under           2nd Place – Brooklyn S.


100 Freestyle                     9 & 10                    1st Place – Liana W.

3rd Place – Makena S.


100 Freestyle                     11 & Over            2nd Place – Jed D.


25 Backstroke                    8 & Under           1st Place – Tyler T.

2nd Place – Michael O.


50 Backstroke                    9 & 10                    1st Place – Amelia M.               **All-star time**

2nd Place – Elizabeth F.    **All-star time**


50 Backstroke                    11 & Over            1st Place – Margaret W.

2nd Place – Philip A.

Gianna Z.                **All-star time**


25 Breaststroke                                8 & Under           1st Place – Macey K.        **All-star time**


50 Breaststroke                                9 & 10                    2nd Place – Amelia M.     **All-star time**


50 Breaststroke                                11 & Up                1st Place – Gianna Z.        **All-star time**

2nd Place – Jed D.


100 Freestyle Relay         8 & Under           2nd Place – team of Morgan M., Macey K., Cara M. & Michael O.


200 Freestyle Relay         9 & 10                    2nd Place – team of Elizabeth F., Cassidy M., Julianna J. & Makena S.


200 Freestyle Relay         11 & Up                1st Place – team of Gianna Z., Jed D., Emma B. & Henry W.

3rd Place – team of Philip A., Aaron R., Heidi W. & Andrew M.



The SSPP swim team had another tri-meet this past Sunday against Stella Niagara and Nativity.   They won the match-up against Nativity and lost against Stella Niagara.  All of the swimmers did great considering most of them were at the Halloween party the night before!


100 Yard Medley Relay 8 & Under             2- 1st Place           Team of Michael O., Macey K., Cara M. & Morgan M.

200 Yard Medley Relay 9-10                         1st & 2nd Place     Team of Elizabeth F., Amelia M., Gabrielle A. & Liana W.

200 Yard Medley Relay 11 & Up                 2 – 1st Place         Team of Henry W., Sarah F., Nicole M. & Emma B.

2nd Place               Team of Heidi W., Aaron R., Margaret W. & Andrew M.

100 Yard IM 9-10                                               1st & 2nd Place     Gabrielle A.

200 Yard IM 11 & Up                                       2 – 1st Place         Nicole M.  **All-Star Time**

25 Yard Freestyle 8 & Under                        2- 1st Place           Morgan M.

2nd Place               Brooklyn S.

50 Yard Freestyle 9-10                                    1st & 2nd Place     Liana W.  **All-Star Time**

2nd & 3rd Place    Makena S.

50 Yard Freestyle 11 & Up                            1st & 3rd Place     Henry W. **All-Star Time**

2nd Place               Emma B.

Nichole M. **All-Star Time**

25 Yard Butterfly 8 & Under                         2nd & 3rd Place    Cara M.

3rd Place               Cecelia D.

50 Yard Butterfly 9-10                                     2 – 2nd Place        Gabrielle A. **All-Star Time**

50 Yard Butterfly 11 & Up                             2 – 1st Place         Nicole M. **All-Star Time**

2nd & 3rd Place    Margaret W.  **All-Star Time**

50 Yard Freestyle 8 & Under                        1st & 2nd Place     Brooklyn S.

2nd & 3rd Place    Jude V.

100 Yard Freestyle 9-10                                 2 – 2nd Place        Liana W.

3rd Place               Makena S.

100 Yard Freestyle 11 & Up                          1st & 3rd Place     Michael S.

25 Yard Backstroke 8 & Under                    2 – 1st Place         Michael O.

2 – 2nd Place        Tyler T.

50 Yard Backstroke 9-10                                1st & 2nd Place     Amelia M.  **All-Star Time**

2nd & 3rd Place    Elizabeth F.

50 Yard Backstroke 11 & Up                         1st & 3rd Place     Margaret W.

2nd Place               Philip A.

25 Yard Breaststroke 8 & Under                 2 – 1st Place         Macey K. **All-Star Time**

2nd Place               Cecelia D.

50 Yard Breaststroke 9-10                             1st & 2nd Place     Amelia M. **All-Star Time**

2nd & 3rd Place    Isabella P.

50 Yard Breaststroke 11 & Up                     2nd & 3rd Place    Sarah F.

3rd Place               Aaron R.

Nicole M. **All-Star Time**

100 Yard Freestyle Relay 8 & Under         1st & 2nd Place     Team of Morgan M., Macey K., Brooklyn S. & Michael S.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay 9-10                     1st & 2nd Place     Team of Elizabeth F., Juliann J., Isabella P. & Makena S.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay 11 & Up              1st & 2nd Place     Emma B., Michael S., Sarah F. & Henry W.



The SSPP Swim team went up against St. Andrews school on Sunday and did an outstanding job! Although they were down a few swimmers this week, the SSPP swimmers stepped up their game and won the meet!


The SSPP Swim Team goes pink!  In support of friends and family members of the SSPP swim team who have battled or are battling breast cancer, the swim team wore pink swim caps that were generously donated by the Donoghue family.  Monetary donations were collected from fans to benefit The Breast Cancer Network of Western New York.  The team will wear their pink caps again for their next meet on Sunday, October 24th as they take on Stella Niagara and Nativity schools at Buffalo State College.  Please join us at 8 am to cheer on the SSPP swim team!


200 Freestyle – 11 & Over                            Michael S.                           1st Place                **All-Star Time**

Heidi W.                               3rd Place


100 Medley Relay – 8 & Under                   Team of Michael O., Macey K., Cara M. and Morgan M.                 1stPlace

200 Medley Relay – 11 & Over                    Team of Heidi W., Aaron R., Phillip A. & Andrew A.                           1st Place


100 IM – 8 & Under                                         Morgan M.                         3rd Place

100 IM – 9-10 yr olds                                       Gabrielle A.                        1st Place

200 IM – 11 & Over                                          Phillip A.                               2nd Place


25 Freestyle – 8 & Under                              Cara M.                                1st Place

Brooklyn S.                         2nd Place


50 Freestyle – 9-10 yr olds                            Liana W.                               1st Place                **All-Star Time**

Makena S.                           2nd Place


50 Freestyle – 11 & Over                               Henry W.                             1st Place                **All-Star Time**

Emma B.                              2nd Place


25 Butterfly – 8 & Under                               Morgan M.                         2nd Place


50 Butterfly – 9-10 yr olds                             Gabrielle A.                        2nd Place               **All-Star Time**


50 Butterfly – 11 & Over                                Margaret W.                      1st Place                **All-Star Time**


50 Freestyle – 8 & Under                              Brooklyn S.                         3rd Place


50 Freestyle – 9-10 yr olds                            Liana W.                               1st Place

Makena S.                           3rd Place


100 Freestyle – 11 & Over                            Emma B.                              2nd Place

Andrew M.                         3rd Place


25 Backstroke – 8 & Under                           Michael O.                          1st Place                **All-Star Time**

Tyler T.                                 2nd Place


50 Backstroke – 9-10 yr olds                        Amelia M.                           1st Place


50 Backstroke – 11 & Over                           Margaret W.                      1st Place

Henry W.                             2nd Place


25 Breaststroke – 8 & Under                       Macey K.                             2nd Place               **All-Star Time**

Morgan M.                         3rd Place


50 Breaststroke – 9-10 yr olds                     Amelia M.                           1st Place                **All-Star Time**

Isabella P.                            2nd Place


50 Breaststroke – 11 & Over                        Jed D.                                    3rd Place


100 Freestyle Relay – 8 & Under                Team of Macey K., Michael O., Brooklyn S. & Cara M.                      2nd Place

Team of Tyler T., Cecelia D., Reagan J. & Jude V.                                3rd Place


200 Freestyle Relay – 9-10 yr olds             Team of Cassidy M., Isabella P., Lucy V. & Juliann J.                          2nd Place


200 Freestyle Relay – 11 & Over                Team of Emma B., Michael S., Henry W. & Jed D.                               2nd Place




The SSPP swim team had their 2nd tri-meet this past Sunday against Stella Niagara and St. Peter’s.   They won the match-up against St. Peter’s and lost against Stella Niagara.  All of the swimmers did great and are getting stronger and more competitive each week.

Mixed 11 & Over 200 Yard Freestyle                                        Nicole M.  **All-Star Time**

Mixed 8 & Under 100 Yard Medley Relay                               1st Place – team of Michael O, Macey K, Cara M & Morgan M

Mixed 9-10 200 Yard Medley Relay                                          1st & 2nd Place – team of Elizabeth F, Amelia M, Gabrielle A & Liana W

Mixed 11 & Over 200 Yard Medley Relay                               1st Place – team of Henry W, Sara F, Nicole M & Gianna Z

Mixed 8 & Under 100 Yard IM                                                     2nd & 3rd Place – Cara M.

Mixed 9-10 100 Yard IM                                                                 1st & 2nd Place –Amelia M.

Mixed 11 & Over 200 Yard IM                                                     1st & 3rd Place – Michael S.

2nd & 3rd Place – Henry W.

Mixed 8 & Under 25 Yard Freestyle                                          2nd & 3rd Place – Jude V.

Mixed 9-10 50 Yard Freestyle                                                      1st & 2nd Place – Makena S.

2nd Place – Juliann J.

Mixed 11 & Over 50 Yard Freestyle                                          1st & 2nd Place – Gianna Z.  **All-Star Time**

2nd Place – Emma B.

Mixed 8 & Under 25 Yard Butterfly                                           2nd & 3rd Place – Morgan M.

Mixed 9-10 50 Yard Butterfly                                                       3rd Place – Gabrielle A.

Mixed 11 & Over 50 Yard Butterfly                                           1ST Place – Nicole M.  **All-Star Time**

2nd & 3rd Place – Margaret W.  **All-Star Time**

Mixed 8 & Under 50 Yard Freestyle                                          2nd & 3rd Place – Cecelia D.

Mixed 9-10 100 Yard Freestyle                                                   1st & 2nd Place – Liana W.  **All-Star Time**

2nd & 3rd Place – Makena S.

Mixed 11 & Over 100 Yard Freestyle                                        1st & 3rd Place – Jed D.

2nd Place – Emma B.

Gianna Z. **All-Star Time**

8 & Under 25 Yard Backstroke                                                    1st & 3rd Place – Tyler T.

2nd Place – Michael O.

Mixed 9-10 50 Yard Backstroke                                                  1st & 2nd Place – Elizabeth F.

Mixed 11 & Over 50 Yard Backstroke                                       1st & 3rd Place – Henry W.

2nd Place – Margaret W.

Mixed 8 & Under 25 Yard Breaststroke                                   1st Place – Macey K.  **All-Star Time**

Mixed 9-10 50 Yard Breaststroke                                               1st & 2nd Place – Amelia M.

Mixed 11 & Over 50 Yard Breaststroke                                   1st & 2nd Place – Sarah F.

2nd Place – Jed D.

Mixed 8 & Under 100 Yard Freestyle Relay                           2nd & 3rd Place – team of  Morgan M, Michael O, Macey K & Cara M

Mixed 9-10 200 Yard Freestyle Relay                                       2nd Place – team of Makena S, Elizabeth F, Gabrielle A & Liana W

Mixed 11 & Over 200 Yard Freestyle Relay                            1st & 2nd Place – team of Emma B, Jed D, Sara F & Gianna Z

3rd Place – team of Michael S, Andrew M, Aaron R & Philip A.


Please join us and cheer on the SSPP swimmers as we take on St. Andrew’s Sunday, October 18th at 11 am at Kenmore East High School.



The SSPP swim team did an outstanding job in their first tri-meet of the season against Nativity and St. Joe’s.  Our medley relay and freestyle relay teams swept the 1st place finishes for all 3 age groups!

Mixed 100 Medley Relay for 8 & Under

1st Place – team of Michael Otto,  Macey K, Cara M & Morgan M

Mixed 200 Medley Relay for 9-10 year olds

1st Place – team of Elizabeth F, Gabrielle A, Amelia M & Liana W

 Mixed 200 Medley Relay or 11 & Over

1st Place – team of Henry W, Jed D, Nicole M & Gianna Z

2nd Place – team of Andrew M, Aaron R, Phillip A & Emma B

Mixed 100 Freestyle Relay 8 & Under

1st Place – team of Morgan M, Jude V, Cara M & Michael O

Mixed 200 Freestyle Relay 9-10 year olds

1st Place –  team of Makena S, Elizabeth F Gabrielle A & Liana W

 Mixed 200 Freestyle Relay 11 & Over

1st Place – team of Gianna Z, Henry W, Michael S & Nicole M

 Mixed 100 IM 9-10 year olds

2nd Place – Amelia M

 Mixed 200 IM 11 & Over

1st Place Nicole M**All-Star Time**

Mixed 25 Freestyle  8 & under

2nd Place – Cecelia D

3rd Place – Jude V

Mixed 50 Freestyle 9-10 year olds

1st Place – Makena S

2nd Place – Cassidy M

 Mixed 50 Freestyle 11 & Over

1st Place Gianna Z **All-Star Time**

3rd Place – Emma B

 Mixed 200 Freestyle 11 & Over

2nd Place – Michael S  **All-Star Time**

Mixed 25 Butterfly 8 & Under

2nd Place – Morgan M

 Mixed 50 Butterfly 11 & Over

2nd Place – Michael S

3rd Place – Margaret W

 Mixed 50 Freestyle 8 & Under

3rd Place – Brooklyn S

Mixed 100 Freestyle 9-10 year olds

1st Place – Liana W **All-Star Time**

2nd Place – Makena S

 Mixed 100 Freestyle 11 & Over

3rd Place – Jed D

 Mixed 25 Backstroke 8 & Under

1st Place – Michael O

2nd Place – Tyler T

 Mixed 50 Backstroke 9 & 10 year olds

1st Place – Elizabeth F  **All-Star Time**

 Mixed 50 Backstroke 11 & Over

2nd Place – Henry W

3rd Place – Margaret W

Mixed 25 Breaststroke 8 & Under

1st Place Macey K **All-Star Time**

Mixed 50 Breaststroke 9 & 10 year olds

2nd Place – Amelia M **All-Star Time**

Additional swimmers who made All-Star Times in the meet:

Mixed 50 Breast  11 & Over          Gina Z & Nicole M

Mixed 50 Free 11 & Over              Emma B

Mixed 100 Free 11 & Over            Nichole M

Congratulations to all of our swimmers for their hard work and achievements!

Join us to cheer on our SSPP swimmers at their next tri-meet on Sunday 10/4, 8 am at Buffalo State College as we take on Stella Niagara & St. Peters!



The SSPP Swim Team had their first meet Sunday, September 20th against Stella Niagara.  The swimmers did great, but unfortunately lost the meet against their strong competitors.  Some honorable mentions from the meet:

11 & Over Mixed 200 Medley Relay         1st place – Team of Henry W, Sarah F, Nicole M & Emma B

11 & Over Mixed 200 IM                               1st place – Nichole M

11 & Over 50 Breaststroke                           1st place – Sarah F

8 & Under 25 Backstroke                              1st place – Michael O

8 & Under 25 Breaststroke                           1st place – Macey K


Please join us to cheer on the SSPP swim team for their next meet this Sunday (9/27)  at 11 am at Buffalo State as we swim against Nativity & St. Joe’s.