Mrs. Hill

Name: Frances Hill
Subjects/Grades taught: Social Studies – Grades 5-8, Honors 8 Social Studies, and Reading 6
How many years teaching? 37 years
How many years at SSPP? 12 years
What do you love most about teaching at SSPP? SSPP is like a home away from home.  We are like a big family.  What I love most about teaching at SSPP are the students!
Awards/Accolades:  Making a Difference Diocesan Teacher of the Year Award – 2003, Dunlop Educator of the Week-1997, Who’s Who of Educators
Favorite book:  To teach: Animal Farm, Percy Jackson and to read for myself: Gone with the Wind
Favorite food:  Anything with chicken
Favorite movie:  I love the Toy Story Series
Favorite lesson or theme you teach: American History- I love teaching the history of our nation and I also love to teach how our government works.