Mrs. Greene

Name: Donna Greene
Subjects/Grades taught: Pre-K 3, all day
How many years teaching? 19 years
How many years at SSPP? 12 years
What do you love most about teaching at SSPP? I love working with my co-workers.  We all work together as a team.  Everyone is so thoughtful and caring.
Awards/Accolades:  I helped design and implement our full day 3 year old preschool program, which was the first of its kind in WNY.
Favorite book:  Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
Favorite food:  Salmon
Favorite movie:  The Notebook
Favorite lesson or theme you teach:  I enjoy “hands on” active learning.  I love when the children can act out the lesson.  We do a cute lesson about St. Patrick/Trinity/Potato Famine, that is probably one of my favorites.  The children learn so much more when it is active learning and they have fun!