Mrs. Ganschow

Name: Michele Ganschow
Subjects/Grades taught: Pre-K 3s, full day (T/Th) and Pre-K 4s, full day (M/W/F)
How many years teaching? 19 years
How many years at SSPP? 4 years
What do you love most about teaching at SSPP? I love working with my little kiddos and seeing how much they grow over the course of the year.  I also enjoy the support and encouragement of the other teachers.
Awards/Accolades:  Masters in Pre-K-6 and Special Needs, birth-2nd grade, volunteer for Mercy Flight, and mother of two wonderful sons (ages 25 and 28)
Favorite book:  Don’t Push the Button
Favorite food:  Chocolate
Favorite lesson or theme you teach: Polar animals and snow- we do a lot of fun activities during this unit.  For example: indoor snowball fights!