Mrs. Brierley, PreK Director

Name: Suzanne Brierley
Subjects/Grades taught: 1/2 Day Pre-K (3 and 4 year olds), Pre-K Director and in the past Mrs. Brierley has also taught, 1/2 Day Kindergarten, and Grades 3 and 5
How many years teaching? 18 years
How many years at SSPP? 15 years
What do you love most about teaching at SSPP? I love the “family” atmosphere and the fact that we are all friends here.
Awards/Accolades:  Began the first full day academic three year old program in the area and also designed and implemented the Ss. Peter and Paul Pre-K/K Summer Enrichment Program.  2017-2018, Director of the largest Pre-K program in the Diocese of Buffalo
Favorite book:  Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon, the first book my daughter ever read to me!
Favorite food:  Pizza, Mexican, and chocolate
Favorite movie:  Steel Magnolias
Favorite lesson or theme you teach: I love teaching about the solar system and dinosaurs, because those are the two themes that the children enjoy the most!