Conquering the Morning Madness: 4 Tips for Getting Your Family Out the Door On Time

4 Simple Tips for Conquering Morning Madness

Mornings with our kids set the tone for the day.  Every mom and dad have felt the lingering guilt after dropping a sad, frustrated child off at school.  We tell ourselves tomorrow will be better, but we need a strategy.  Here are a few foolproof tips to get your family out the door smiling and on time.

  1.  Establish a routine and stick to it.

Observe any good elementary school teacher and you will see that there is a routine in place and each student knows where to go, when and how.  Use this model to streamline your mornings.  Determine wake up times, bathroom times, breakfast time and departure time as a family and stick to it.  Kids may complain at first, but they will come to rely on the routine you’ve established.

2. Pack up in the PM

This takes a few extra minutes at night but saves so much time and tears in the morning.  Help younger children pack up backpacks and sports bags once homework is finished, then put all bags near the door.  Older children should be responsible for packing their own bags, but double check that they are near the door before bed.  This will save time and trips back to the house for forgotten books, sneakers, instruments etc.

3.  Encourage a realistic wardrobe

When shopping with your kids for back to school clothes do not by any items that do not match at least 3 other items.  If you follow this rule, your kids will have lots easy options.  At Ss. Peter and Paul School we keep the uniform and the uniform options simple, and year after year our graduates report that they actually miss the simplicity of a uniform.

4.  Keep breakfast simple

Save sticky syrup for Saturday mornings. Keep breakfast simple so kids can have something healthy and satisfying without making a mess of themselves or your kitchen.

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