SSPP’s Best Books of 2016: Top Six for 10 and Up

Many of SSPP’s favorite authors have made the list again, including the beloved Kate Dicamillo.  These books are sure to engage even the most reluctant readers. Grab your gift cards and stock up for the wintry weekends to come at our Barnes and Noble Book Fair this weekend!

Three girls, all struggling with troubled family lives, share the same desire: to win the title of Little Miss Central Florida Tire.  Each girl believes the title will solve all her problems.  Little did they know that the relationship the three develop will actually be what saves them.  Kate DiCamillo is at her funniest and her finest in this novel that is equally honest and uplifting.

12 year old Peter rescues a baby fox in a storm and raises him as a pet.  Pax becomes Peter’s faithful companion, but when Peter’s father leaves to serve in the war, Peter must release Pax. Soon Peter sets out on a 200 mile journey to find Pax and bring him home.  Told in the alternating voices of Pax and Peter, this story captures the beautiful bond between children and their pets.

Four very different kids are chosen for an “elite middle school track team.”Ghost is the best sprinter in the city, but a painful family memory is slowing him down.  A coach with a difficult past of his own is determined to save Ghost.  This novel is a National Book Award finalist for Young People’s Literature.  Some violent scenes may be inappropriate for younger readers.

When twelve year old Prince Lev must visit his ancestral home in St. Petersburg, Russia, the mystery begins. Lev uncovers families secrets, befriends a mysterious boy and endures his cruel aunt.  This novel is a fun introduction to Russian history and the ghost story genre.

When Topher, Brand and Steve find out that their favorite teacher, Ms. Bixby, will not be finishing the year, the boys set out on a quest to make her last day a memorable one.  Like Wonder, this is a funny, inspiring book kids will love.

Kids won’t be able to put down this mystery adventure.  Reuben finds an antique watch with secret powers that leads him on a dangerous adventure.  He must defeat “The Smoke” in order to save the city.  This is a clever and exciting novel that mystery lovers will devour.

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