8 Best School Snacks According to Nutritionists

Kids love snack time–and they sure do need it.  Nutritionist Abby Langer rated the healthiest snacks for students–including some prepackaged options.  She also warned of some really unhealthy choices many of us make for our kids.  

#1 Anything without ingredients or a wrapper!  An apple, a banana, an orange, carrot sticks.  Just make sure your child can eat it the way you send it–no time for slicing or peeling.

#2 Hummus and crackers.  You can buy the small prepared containers of hummus or make your own.  Carrots sticks are great for dipping too.

#3 String cheese. It’s easy to pack, and it’s a good source of calcium and protein.  Pair string cheese with a piece of fruit for a perfectly balanced snack.

#4 Lara bars.  Langer says, “When all else fails, these dried fruit and nut bars are a fantastic option. No yucky vitamin taste, no protein addition, nothing but just dried fruits, nuts, and spices. I highly recommend them”.  There are several different healthy options in this line of snacks.

Resource: Lara Bars

#5 Trail mix with dried fruits, seeds, high fiber cereal, whole grain pretzels and coconut flakes

#6 Dry roasted chickpeas.  Packaged or homemade–these are a crunchy, yummy treat and full of fiber. Click here for Abby’s favorite recipe.

#7 Apple Sauce.  Today’s Parent recommends PC organics for the healthiest version of this pack-and-go treat.

Resource: Todaysparent.com Snacks: 10 Healthy Store Nought Options

#8 Homemade Granola Bars. Abby’s favorite recipe is simple and quick.  If you prefer to buy prepackaged granola bars Today’s Parent recommends Enjoy Life brand chewy granola bars made with Sunbutter.

Popular Snacks to Avoid: Smartfood Cheese Popcorn, Teddy Grahams, Fruit-by-the-Foot,  High-fat Granola Bars

Resource:  7 Snacks You Think are Healthy But Aren’t

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